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“I was invited to participate in a focus group. It started and ended on time. The facilitator was friendly and kept the group going with new questions and ideas. The 90 minute discussion flew by and was fun. I even learned more of what other perceptions were out in the community, which was nice to hear to compare to my own perception. We were served tasty sandwiches, cookies, and beverages. The whole evening was pleasant. I would do it again.”

“I just came from a focus group. It was a great experience. I enjoyed meeting other people and learning their opinions. GLM conducted it professionally and it was a great way to earn some extra cash. I also appreciated the light meal that was provided.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the discussion group. You made everyone feel relaxed and at ease. You also made everyone feel that their opinions mattered.” 

“I participated in the focus group this past Monday with 8 women. I enjoyed the interactions tremendously and [the moderator] was sure to call on everyone for their opinions and feelings. I walked out with 2 women who liked it too. We all had a great exchange from different perspectives. It was great fun even though the weather was extremely cold. I did one of these many years ago. I hope I get to do this again some time and I have already given the recruitment forms to friends. The 2 ladies at the front desk were pleasant and gracious to everyone. Thanks for the opportunity and the snacks too!”

“Thank you for inviting me, I had a great time. Would not mind doing it again sometime.”

“I always enjoy participating in the research/focus group. So close to home and very friendly staff!”

“[Our focus group moderator] was very good as she kept the time interesting and entertaining. I found it to be eye-opening on a few subjects which I had never delved into.”

“I went to a focus group tonight and truly enjoyed it. This was my first experience with such a group. I will most definitely do it again if asked!”

“The whole staff is so friendly and welcoming. They do everything possible to ensure your comfort while participating in their studies.”

“I recently participated in a gas can research study. This was my first experience with GLM and their research projects. I thought the study was lead by two very professional people, the questions were well thought out, and it was quite interesting. I actually enjoyed participating and would certainly participate again if asked.”

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